Saturday, January 9, 2010

Should I think what instead of how

In doing my ½ hour daily exercise from The Master Key System by Charles, F. Haanel I saw a pattern in my thinking. The exercise asked me to just sit down for ½ hour and let the thoughts go anyway they want.

Now I combine this with words from this book:Your Invisible Power
which say: "All you have to do is to make ... a mental picture of your heart's desire, hold it cheerfully in place with your will, always conscious that the same Infinite Power which brought the universe into existence brought you into form for the purpose of enjoying itself in and through you".

I see that I have concentrated much of my energy on thinking 'How ' I'll get a thing (done) and not much on 'what' I actually want. So I'll try to switch on this and actually just think of, what it is that I want, elaborate on this in my thoughts.

This is quite fun also :-)

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